METRO™ Light Municipal eVehicle

  • SKU: LCV10010002
  • Category:
    • Light Municipal eVehicle
  • Brand: METRO™
Safety Approval: European Homologated (WVTA)
Shipment: DDP from Belgium or FOB from China
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  • To impair carbon emissions, green transport is the priority, as International Energy Agency (IEA) suggests that transport accounts for 63.7% of total oil use and called for urgent action in transport sector to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80% for developed countries and by 70% for developing countries by 2050, while urban logistics using light commercial vehicles for last mile distribution and telematics service using the emerging breakthrough technology of IoT (the Internet of Things) are actively reshaping the global logistics landscape, attending to the continuous economy rebound and the strong growth of online orders that dramatically increase the number of packages and demand for more efficient deliveries.


    METRO™ is an all-electric and street-legal light commercial vehicle certified under the latest EU regulation No 168/2013 in the L7e category and has an aerodynamic design that well answers the tough demands for quiet, clean, energy efficient, safe, affordable, minimal maintenance, cost saving and advance technology in smart green cities or congested urban areas for last mile delivery to the end customers.

    METRO™ also has a modular design for easy local assembly and customization into a full line of durable and versatile utility e-vehicles for smart green cities, outskirts communities, corporate fleets or agriculture.

    • Durable: Built with a reinforced steel chassis and a corrosion resistant body, but light weight enough to deliver superb power-to-weight ratio, METRO™ yields exceptional payload capacity and performance to ensure you can finish your jobs day after day;
    • Safe: Equipped with four-wheel disc brakes for consistent and shortest distance braking, bottom battery compartment for the lowest center of gravity to reduce rollover risk, steel reinforced cabin structure and impact force distribution points, METRO™ is safe proven with physical crash tests;
    • Light and Efficient: With its all-electric design, compact EU L7e category size, short turning radius and exceptional payload capacity, METRO™ well answers the tough requirements of smart green city and congested urban areas for last mile delivery to the end customers;
    • Flexible and Versatile: With its modular design, METRO™ is easy for local assembly and customization into a full line of utility e-vehicles for the demand of smart green cities, outskirts communities, corporate fleets or agriculture;
    • Minimal Maintenance Cost: With its all-electric powertrain, METRO™ scarcely requires maintenance, as there is no need for regular replacement of coolant, engine oil, transmission fluid, filters, nor belts, etc.;
    • Intelligent: With its advanced control and self-diagnostics systems, METRO™ automatically calculates and displays a precise range capability, detects defective components, isolates internal issues and notifies the operator to prevent sudden failure. Telematics service using the emerging breakthrough technology of IoT (the Internet of Things) can also be equipped in METRO™ to help fleet operators reduce downtime and maximize utilization efficiency of each vehicle.
    • Seating Capacity: 2 persons
    • Rated Motor Power (DC): 10 kw
    • Peak Motor Power (DC): 24 kw
    • Rated Voltage (DC): 72 V
    • Max. Speed (unloaded): 35 mph / 40 km/h
    • Max. Range (unloaded): 50 miles / 80 km
    • Turning Radius: 157 in / 4000 mm
    • Gradeability: 20%
    • Acceleration: 0-20 mph / 0-30 km/h under 6s
    • Braking Distance: 25-0 mph in 25ft / 40-0 km/h in 7.5m
    • Payload Capacity: 1100 lbs / 500 kg
    • Cargo Volume: 123 ft³ / 3.5 m³
    • Charge Time: 5~8 hours
    • Motor: Permanent magnet synchronous
    • Battery: 6 x 120 Ah Gel lead acid battery
    • Steering System: Electric power steering
    • Drive: 2WD rear
    • Front Suspension: Independent leaf spring
    • Rear Suspension: Independent transverse coil shock
    • Brake: Four wheel disc
    • Body: Reinforced ABS
    • Chassis: Tough, robust and rust-proof steel frame
    • Windshield (EEC): One-piece see-through laminated
    • Dashboard: Battery capacity indicator, Turning and speed indicators, Emergency button, Radio
    • Tire: 175/65 R14
    • Vehicle Dimensions (L*W*H): 145.7x55.1x75 in / 3700x1400x1905 mm
    • Total Mass: 3053.4 lb / 1385 kg
    • Min. Ground Clearance: 7 7/8 in / 200 mm
    • METRO™ Bareback eTruck
    • METRO™ Flatbed eTruck
    • METRO™ Pickup eTruck
    • METRO™ Box eTruck
    • METRO™ Garbage eTruck
    • METRO™ eFireResponder
    • METRO™ Works eTruck
    • METRO™ eSweeper
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