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Why this ice powered Ecosystem
Nearly 200 countries set the stage for phasing out fossil fuel and phasing down coal at the COP28, while the technology revolution and the aggravating regional inequity and geopolitics catalyze the polarity of the West and the Rest, despite extreme heat that is impartially traumatizing all...
hail 2024

After all, technology transformation is rocketing the economic growth in Africa that helps level regional inequity. The massive growth of renewable power, tripling global goal by 2030 set at the COP28, and electric vehicles, making up nearly half of global car sales by 2035, helps mitigate global warming.

To be a game changer in these ruinous situations and a stakeholder in these top global trends, we have a complete solution to collaborate with you.

What we do
quote01We build and run an ice powered Ecosystem to help sustain the Environment, Societies and Corporations by converging Green industries, New economy and Deep technologies to achieve UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 & 17.quote02*

How we do
platform icehub
quote01We’re here to help sustain the Environment, Societies and Corporations with a new value chain of electric vehicles and renewable energy for the partnerships of regionalization.quote02

platform icerland
quote01We’re here to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams, we help SMEs grow and succeed, we help companies navigate changing business landscapes.quote02

platform ice community
quote01A platform and marketplace of healthcare products and services for the inclusive care of the elderly, attending the fast growing ageing communities.quote02 (pre-seed)

platform icetrust
quote01A Trust and Family Office services platform to help you weather the economic storm attending the conflicts between the West and the Rest.quote02


Down to earch
1. We impair carbon emissions to help sustain the Environment by helping the global green transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy with homologated last-mile electric vehicles, EV chargers, EV batteries, renewable energy storage systems, solar charging solutions, solar cold chain solutions, etc.;

2. We increase corporate employment to help sustain Societies by helping startups and businesses in developing countries with a complete solution of CKD/SKD EV assemblies, a digital marketplace for online sales, an aftermarket services platform for product warranty and maintenance, a society platform for social media, digital marketing and publicity, etc.

3. We improve corporate earnings to help sustain Corporations by helping startups and businesses transform to the new economy business model of ice with free deep-tech apps like IoT powered GPS and energy tracking, IoT big data, AI analytics, as well as free business templates and OpenIA apps that automate work processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness, etc.

Our Free Resources
To help entrepreneurs manage and grow their startups and businesses. We create and share with them these business guides, templates and OpenIA apps that automate work processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
free resources

Other Benefits and Added Value
1. A one-stop digital platform and an ice powered Ecosystem to help your long term sustainable development;
2. A complete lineup from eLCV and eLDV to EV chargers and batteries to help you seize market opportunities;
3. An online aftermarket services platform to support your product warranty and maintenance;
4. Privileges and dedicated priority services and business support to help you navigate different business landscape;
5. A niche social platform with free resources to help you grow your startups and businesses with digital marketing, publicity and free OpenIA apps that automate your work processes; [ more... ]

quote01Join our ice powered ecosystem and Partner with us to tackle these global challenges while seizing these market opportunities together please!

Kellie Choi, Founder and CEO

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*GND, earth ground in electrical circuit, i.e., a down-to-earth approach. ESC refers to ESG.



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