About iceHub - An ice powered EV Ecosystem

Our Macrovision
An ice powered EV Ecosystem to help sustain the environment, corporations and societies.

Our Industry
Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy.

Our Business Model
The New Economy Business Model (NEBM) of ice.

Our Platform URL
• icerSociety: https://icerland.net
• icerMarket: https://icehub.icerland.net

Our Moat - the ice Power
• A one-stop platform converging green industry, new economy and deep technology into a high valueadded, technology-enabled and adaptable EV Ecosystem for energy autonomy;

• A sustainable development roadmap highly focus on electric vehicles and renewable energy with many alternatives for high scalability, efficient energy management and regional partnerships.

What matters to us
Radical disruptions caused by extreme weather have become more frequent and severe these days. The catastrophic bushfires in Australia killed billions of wildlife; the deadly floods in Europe caused widespread damage; COVID-19 has incurred more than six million's deaths and lockdown worldwide for more than two years till now; old economy slumped, new economy sparkling up...

What's behind the scenes
Transport accounts for 49.87% of total oil use and is the single biggest polluter; the UN Environment Programme outlooks the global light duty vehicles for last-mile mobility and logistics to grow from about one billion today to more than 2.5 billion by 2050, that will lead to an almost 3-fold increase of energy use and emissions.
global ldv

Where we stand today
We are at a historic crossroads, inflation hit a 40-year high in May, the fuel price eclipses the historical highest record set in 2008, the worst ever food crisis is triggering global famines. Global leaders convened in Davos 2022 (May 22-26) to tackle these severe challenges...
davos 2022

Snapshots of Davos 2022 key solutions
• Working together to regain trust;
• Regionalization of globalization to drive sustainability, inclusion and growth for economic prosperity;
• Transition at full speed towards a net-zero economy for energy and food security;
• Digital technology is actively reshaping the future of transport, logistics and global value chains.
dance with wolves or walk with the world

How we tackle these challenges
We build and run an ice powered EV Ecosystem to help sustain the environment, corporations and societies by converging green industry, new economy and deep technology to create maximum corporate synergy on regionalization to help catalyze the soonest carbon neutrality and energy autonomy, as well to provide global automotive fellows and EV users with a seamless EV value chain and a seamless user experience (UX) in affordability, safety, connectivity, transparency and visibility.

Our Approach - the NEBM of ice
GND (Differentiation): A down to earth approach in a sense of converging Green industry, New economy and Deep technology into an EV Ecosystem:

Green industry: We develop and supply EU homologated last-mile electric vehicles (EV), renewable energy systems (RES), EV batteries, EV chargers and charging infrastructure, solar EV charging systems, solar cold chain systems, etc.;

One-stop Platform
A one-stop 24/7 platform with benefits and added value.

New economy: We build and run an EV Ecosystem, a 24/7 digital marketplace and society for the provision of a seamless EV value chain and a seamless UX to fellows and EV users;

Deep technology: We develop and provide deep-tech solutions like SKD/CKD EV and battery assemblies; SaaS of IoT powered GPS tracking and telematics; DTTN, MaaS, DaaS of AI powered big-data analytics for EV and RES pertinent businesses like insurance, leasing, financing, 2nd life to EV batteries, etc.

Our Missions - ice
1. impair carbon emissions to help sustain the environment: by helping the global green transition to electric vehicles and renewable energy;

2. improve corporate earnings to help sustain corporations: by helping corporations to digitize their operations and adapt their business models from old economy to new economy;

3. increase corporate employment to help sustain societies: by helping corporations to create more jobs, particularly, in developing countries with EV and battery assembly work.

Our Goals / Macrovision
1. Sustain the environment: An EV Ecosystem for the maximized use of EV and RES to help catalyze the soonest carbon neutrality;

2. Sustain corporations: A 24/7 digital platform of marketplace and society with digital deep-tech applications for a seamless UX to create maximum corporate synergy and energy autonomy;

3. Sustain societies: Working together in regionalization of globalization to create the largest circular flow of economy.

How EV benefit us
• EV have the least running cost and zero emission. Versus ICE cars, EV have 344-360% higher energy efficiency, 50% longer lifespan and save as much costs as 83% of fuel, 50% of service, maintenance, repair (SMR) and downtime;

• Light duty EV have 64% lower emissions and save 45 (sedan) / 56 (SUV) / 74 (pickup) metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent over the cradle-to-grave life cycle than ICE vehicles on average;

• The widespread of EV is a major climate action to achieve a net-zero economy for energy and food security, as well a crucial move to sustain the environment and our societies.
why electric vehicles
why electric vehicles

How our EV Ecosystem helps
• EV, new economy and digital deep-tech are of disruptive technologies and business models, as well global megatrends, all call for a new value chain and a seamless UX, as well regional partnerships for energy autonomy. Fundamentally, our EV Ecosystem, the NEBM of ice, is the only solution;

• When EV proliferate, a huge amount of batteries going to retire from EV will cast a critical environmental impact. A second life to retired EV batteries is thus crucial;

• Ultimately, our EV Ecosystem meets six of the following UN's Sustainable Development Goals:
7. Affordable and Clean Energy; 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth; 9. Industry, Innovation and infrastructure; 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities; 13. Climate Action; 17. Partnerships for the Goals.
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Let's team up to tackle these challenges!
We all have come a long way from COVID-19 outbreak while global warming endangers our lives and food security. Let's team up to create the maximum corporate synergy to catalyze the soonest carbon neutrality and create the largest circular flow of economy to sustain the environment, corporations and societies.

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