CITY™ Parcel eVan

  • SKU: LDV10040004
  • Category:
    • Light Commercial eVehicle
  • Brand: CITY™
Safety Approval: European Homologated (WVTA)
Shipment: FOB from China
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City Box
Option: Air-conditioner
Option: 12.8 kWh LFP Battery
  • Urban logistics and IoT telematics are actively reshaping the global logistics landscape. The strong growth of online orders increases dramatically the number of packages and demands for more efficient deliveries. Urban logistics systems are fast developing with distribution centers relocated closer to urban areas. Zero-emissions electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV) are increasingly used for last mile distribution to comply with much tighter emissions regulations in urban areas and to avoid access restriction on fuel vehicles in green cities.


    Besides, extreme weather Ehas become more frequent and severe these days that certain extinctions caused by major climatic disruptions are believed happening. COVID-19 attack could be the first wave that has put the world on lockdown and kept billions of shoppers at home, but sparkled up online sales to a new height that demands for cost-efficient delivery-to-door, of which is the best advantage of last-mile eLCV as eLCV has, not just, the least operating and maintaining costs, but also, zero emissions that help save much of global warming.

    • Skylights
    • Central lock
    • Electric doors
    • Electric windows
    • One-press start
    • MP5 player
    • Rearview camera
    • Heater

    Benefits to owners, societies and the environment:

    • Zero emissions of toxic greenhouse gases reduce pollution in cities and improve the quality of lives;
    • Much fewer down times, lower maintenance and life-cycle costs as of fewer mechanical parts in electric powertrain;
    • Much higher efficiency of the electric powertrain, 90% or higher contrary to ~30% of combustion engines;
    • Flexible rechargeability of battery systems through the grid or renewable energy systems;
    • Outstanding acceleration and power transfer over combustion engines provide better drive quality.

    Benefits to fleet owners and vehicle dealers:

    • Up to 20% fuel savings contrary to diesel equivalent for deliveries in city areas;
    • Fast acceleration in congested urban traffic for much efficient deliveries in city areas;
    • Much fewer down times, lower maintenance and life-cycle costs as of fewer mechanical parts in electric powertrain;
    • The opportunity of bundling vehicle sales with services like financing, leasing, maintenance, insurance, etc., increases sales and profits, and lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Motor Type: AC Asynchronous
    • Rated Motor Power: 4.0 kW
    • Rated Motor Voltage: 60 V
    • Speed: < 52 km/h
    • Energy Consumption: 83 Wh/km
    • Range: ≥ 90 km
    • Gradeability: 20%
    • Battery Type: LFP (LiFePO4)
    • Battery Capacity: 6.4 kWh
    • Charge Time: < 5 hr
    • Seating Capacity: 1
    • Brake System: Hydraulic
    • Charging: On-board smart charger with IEC Type 1 socket
    • Brake (Front / Rear / Parking): Disc / Drum / Hand lever
    • Transmission: Automatic
    • Front Tyre: 135/70-R12
    • Rear Tyre: 145/70-R12
    • Wheel Hub: Aluminum Alloy
    • Front Suspension: McPherson Independent
    • Rear Suspension: Spiral Spring Integral Rear Axle
    • Cargo Capacity: 1.8 m3
    • Actual Mass (Box/Pickup/Bare): 585/582/545 kg
    • Max. Laden Mass (Box/Pickup/Bare): 1025 kg
    • Max. Load Capacity (Box/Pickup/Bare): 440/443/480 kg
    • Wheelbase: 2375 mm
    • Front Tread: 1000 mm
    • Rear Tread: 1175 mm
    • Ground Clearance: 230 mm
    • Vehicle Dimensions (L*W*H): 3600 x 1345 x 1765 mm
    • Box/Pickup Bed (L*W*H): 1635 x 1150 x 1058/300 mm
    • Grocery box
    • Pickup bed
    • Air-conditioner
    • 12.8 kWh LFP Battery